Friday, December 08, 2006

Post #14

Let us be realistic. Let us invent for ourselves, from our most sincere observations, a system of values which is, above all, applicable. Let us, first, be satisfied to torment ourselves with the non-fulfillment of groundless and empty desires. Let this superficial torment our souls. But simulteanously, let us avoid the temptations of materialism. Rather, let us be as Robin Hood, let us live as beggars do, and yet demand, to the boundless appetites of our stuffed bellies, boundless satisfaction. That is to say, let us require ever more and more, and let us yearn for only expensive delicacies, then let us lament our unsatisfaction as the poets do; it is not enought to be wanting, we must also be throwing away. We may then, if we are successful, prostrate ourselves before the crying god, wail and bemoan our unhappyness, and find solace in each other's arms. We may then have the excuse to touch each other. Let us envy every poor man, every religious man, for his depth, the depth we sacrifice to live more truly (more or less according to our nature), in order to be better in both fiction and reality, namely in suffering, than those unfortunate men who suffer only narrowly, from hunger and at the hands of greedy men.

This is the foremost value of our new age. Any modern system of values must have suffering at its center. The world itself is more alive where there is more suffering; more dead where the people are satisfied and thereby made dull. All man made worlds are built on suffering, just like the Great Wall is home also to the bones of many poor labourers. Suffering losens the toung, lending fire to tears and words, and art to the general. Satisfaction, on the other hand, losens the sexual organs, and lends itself primarily to impersonal, passionate, contraceptive sex.