Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bank-headed Corporation Caterpillar!

I guess it would be the corporation then? The present dialectic. Or perhaps that's too simple? I would imagine that, if so, it could just as easily have happened to the other. Communism. Or something else.

But what is the corporation? The body. The movement of becoming the body.

A way there would be to incorporate the government: Demand that you have become too powerful, and submit to being placed within the checked and balanced. What havoc could the corporation have there! They could literally buy the budget. The thought makes me laugh. What would they spend it on? God. My money's on weapons. Because that's the goddamned responsible thing. Without 'em we can't blow each other up! Surveillance. They could call it "marketing". Would work too. Green energy. We're fucked....

They'd spend it on medicine of course, as well. And fund the biological research that goes along with it.

The temptation to control the people would be too great! Practically the whole system would be (is) designed not to uplift the individual, but rather to enforce control over her or him. It would be (is) as though we've gone all 1984shit.

Can I make a proposal? I doubt it's my place, but what if we invested all our health care money into Eastern medicine (because it's a bit hoe-key, anyway)? And then just let people get sick?

That way we'll have more money to spend on weapons and surveillance.

(The word surveillance looks like a pregnant caterpillar.)

What would it mean, instead, to improve the individual?

Probably not having the corporation. But is that even possibly now?

Why did the Founding Fathers decide to implement the system of checks and balances anyway? So that each branch would check and balance the POWER of the other branch. Could those infinitely wise men have ever imagined anything like the social entity we call the corporation? It's quite possible, but they didn't put anything in the Constitution about it. And so the corporation grows and grows in power. It is neither checked, nor balanced.

To do so I guess, would mean to regulate, and that's evil.

But if one institution becomes far more powerful than the other one, what is the consequence? We can guess. The corporation will dictate economically. Thrusting into us anally, oligarchy. And any government, if it will succeed, is to some extent dependent on the market!

As far as I can tell, every country in the world has debt. But to whom do we owe all this debt? To each other? If that were the case and we all paid each other back the money we owed, then we'd all have balanced budgets, not true? So the debt is owed to someone, and that someone is more than just the sum of all other countries. Probably, it's the banks. But I guess they fucked up and lost it all. So the governments of the world go further into debt to help out the banks? But now to whom is the money owed? Here's the tricky part: it's still owed to the banks. It must be! Because we buy our money from them.

And the head of the corporation is the banks.

So where is all the money? The bank-heads eat it, and the market digests it.

(But instead of becoming a beautiful butterfly, they just get fatter and fatter.)