Friday, October 26, 2007

Nosogood, I put the lock in the key, I turned the key, for a second, after the door was opened, I became a skeleton; my teeth, my brains. Nosogood, see, listen good, nosogood, he is my man, he comes, after a fight, and approaches the, the -- listen good,.

Let’s start from the beginning. Nosogood said do good in life and you will be rewarded, do evil and be punished. But no! said nosogood, I say no!. Still, he was abolished, and rightfully so: to really control, we must not believe we’re in control.

Listen good: so broke are we, so emptied. This is our degeneration. And so we must rejoice for it.

Broke. I love you. But I feel that we’re broke.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bloß und Maennlich

It began with the tiniest sound. Carlne heard it, thought it was nothing, turned around and resumed her work. It finished with a bang, and she lay there dead. You probably wouldn't've though she was a she, just by looking at her, but she was, to which a number of unfortunate persons could testify. She looked then like just an old, dead guy—beard and all—as she lay there on the floor of the cave.

“Well, I’ll be,” said Wilfred; thick tears, themselves reflecting the harsh electric light dazzlingly as they rolled, seemed as though in play, frolicsome, and were absorbed into his stained beard—it only grew in dark patches, however very thick, about his cheeks, chin and neck. He must have loved her, of that there is no doubt; although, in general, it might be said that he was rather too simple to love a woman, and thought of Carlne as more of a mother. Nevertheless, he cried for that poor, ugly woman. Indeed, he was the only witness to her death.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Sketch of Progress

One hears so often these days, and this is nothing new: There is no truth. In our world, we have vanquished or somehow lost the Truth; we have no more God, no more tradition, no more family; our values rest solely in the profane. Science alone do we triumph. Science, before all things, is something true; it has, after all, directed the course and emergence of progress so far. This, however, is nonsense. Science is the negative to our ideal Truth: Science will never reveal a system of morals, nor penetrate into a reality not already somewhat determined by the limited perceptions of a human. Indeed, science is only reproduction, ever and again of the same stuff as the soil from which it was grown.
Let me give you a simple, if clarifying, example: We suppose we have progressed out from dark times in part on account of plumbing. We suppose that the possibility of bringing, at our every beck and call, an almost limitless quantity of water into the house is evidence enough of science’s success at Truth. But what do we truly know apart from what we have learned to control? Listen carefully: what more do we know about the water but better how to manipulate it? Have we seen into its being in-itself? Are we now aware of its moral significance? Have we even considered those who do not have clean water, or no pipes at all? And these great scientific achievements, from where do they come? They come but from those who would control; from those who have built entire empires of control. Science affords no clearer an image of the world, but only more precise ways to be human, and so far humans have sought mostly to control one another and the world. No wonder then, plumbing.
We have cause for alarum. If we continue to let science only reproduce our baser human behaviors, not only will we leave much wholly unexplored, we will be acting positively against the Truth; if all we know of water is how to control it, then we really know very little, and if all we learn is how to do it better, then we’re teaching ourselves lies.
One may counter: But indeed we know more of water than merely how to control it! We know after all its chemical formula, how it bonds together and all that! Yes, but it would be naïve to believe that this knowledge is based upon or has any purpose other than control. And so with the rest of science. Why, then, do we love it so much? Because it is true? It is not true. To believe so would be to confuse the truth of something with our ever greater faculty for its control. Water will ever remain obscure to us if we continue to treat it as a means and not as an end itself. And not only water! I'm talking cell phones and running shoes and band-pins too! We've got to see beyond the merely >>for me<<, and start looking at the >>for themselves<<. Moreover, we gotta act fast! As it stands now, we're losing control of science. And therefore we must immediately stop all science, or eventually it will become us, take us over, and rule us unrelentingly.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Virus and New Bio pic.

I've got a goddamn virus that interrupts my typing and causes me no end of frustration; I still type that old one fingure method (although, not to show off or anything, I really use three fingures now, one on my left hand and two on my right), and so I don't look at the screen, and when I do occassionally glance up, I find that that goddamn virus inturrpted me again and my last three sentences were never written. And worse, my bio pic no longer exists on the Intra-net, and so I have to settle for this goddamn polariod camera: lots of problems. On the bright side, Evil Genius from What I Like about the Universe awarded me (it feels like an award) BOTH Pluto and Charon in his interview with Grant Miller. These are everybody's favorite non-planets (I believe they're officially Kuiper belt objects, but maybe not Charon), and so it's quite an honor. Everyone should therefore read Evil Genius's site. Thanks again. I'll post something else soon.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Restless Nap-Dreams

I dreamed that a much respected and very attractive female professor of mine was limping and terribly sick at my sister's birthday party, where the latter was also being awarded for a French rap song she had written, and which was taking place in a giant The Simpsons-themed restaurant; I woke up then with a terrible headache, and immediately ate three slices of cold mushroom pizza from blackjack.