Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Response to the Guy who once commented that I am “a Waste of a College Tuition”

At first I was distraught. Why such a mean spirited an unexpected comment? Who could have done such a thing? A part of me even perhaps wished for all the romantic embellishments that would be mine if this comment were true. Nevertheless I was at a loss for words, and sought escape immediately in the Bourne Ultimatum; after all, what else could I do?

Later, now, I am able to rationalize away this comment. This person is simply nobody from whom I could take seriously any criticism, and this just so: It is all in the language, I am a waste of a college tuition, implying that my relationship to my education is as one reified, the latter nothing but a commodity to which one attaches a specific price-value. Moreover, I too become so; that I am a waste of the value automatically attached to my education cannot mean other than that I too am a commodity to which one also attaches a specific price (one in this case somewhat less than the price of my education). I would, through my paid for education become for example a doctor, or a lawyer, and in this way charge others for even the pleasure of an hour of my time; the cost of my education therefore nothing more but the price paid to be such a ‘thing’ and then only for the consumption of others. Besides, were I simply to assert that I went to college for free, the argument would be wholly invalidate. And still more, if indeed I had learned nothing in college, preferring to drink and fuck and death metal, then at least all I wasted was money (no problem; good Marxist that I am) and not something of value, say, for example, a person’s life.

And so I cannot but conclude that it was indeed my liberal politics that angered my anonymous commentator; perhaps that the character kills the cop just for asking to see his passport, in other words, for no good reason, or that he thinks that this is behavior worthy of emulation. Those liberals always go to college, and, frankly, the things they say, well they offend the sensibilities.

On the other hand, I might beg to be such a waste, on my knees, in the basement somewhere, where pestilence is still able to seep through the ground and drop out from molded ceiling patches in fat drops to narrowly miss my tongue; good thing too, or else I’d be immediately expelled, no longer a candidate for the brave, covered now that I am in metaphysics. There, on my knees, hands even clasped in prayer, beseeching my commentator, deadly earnest, soft dry eyes, before the philosophy begins.


Anonymous said...

You know who i am.

I have decided not to write a response for 2 reasons.

1. I succeeded in my attempt to anger you and waste your time and thoughts.

2. You, writing a social darwinistic responce with nothing more then image as your motivation, makes me smile.

You have been played.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I want this last paragraph for myself.

Mazur said...

Dude, you had to know it was Bowers.

fuckyoudieslow said...

Anonymous said...

Social Darwinism

Boyd Rice's Social Darwinist outlook eventually led to him founding the Social Darwinist think tank called The Abraxas Foundation, named after the ancient Gnostic god Abraxas.
The organization promotes authoritarianism, totalitarianism, misanthropism, elitism, is antidemocratic, and has some philosophical overlap with the Church of Satan. During an interview with Christian talk show host Bob Larson, Boyd Rice described the basic philosophy of the foundation as being "The strong rule the weak, and the clever rule the strong". The organization generally feels that any action leading to human depopulation, regardless of scale, is good in that humans are a dangerous strain on the environment. They maintain that large scale violence is inevitable, and to be strong, humans should succumb to their animal instincts to survive. Racism is not necessarily promoted, but fully acceptable in that it promotes these ends. The organization does not consider itself good or evil, and sees its philosophy as transcending these dualities.