Sunday, October 08, 2006

Post #12

Tryin' something new: a picture! I've also just recently got my site a hit counter, and have successfully installed it myself! And I changed the layout and then played with the colors, but I'm not sure if the new color scheme took...we'll know after I post this. I have a lot more of that "practice with dialogue" to post, but I'm not sure if I'm liking it, but I'll probably post it anyway.

I really don't have much to say, I just wanted to put up this picture. I don't remember who painted it, Jack something I think, it's OK. Why is she showing her tit? And why is the guy both holding and smoking a cigarette? And, is that a mirror in the backround? Because if it is, then I'm not sure if it is doing a very good job of reflecting. Altogether not great, but I'm hoping that naked tit will attract some more attention to my site.

The last person to visit this site with whom I am not acquainted, was from Britian and searching blogger for the word "circumcision".


boa bei de said...

dear author,

My name is Brendan Bowers, A.K.A. Baby killer, 238th street crack slanga, palestian suicide bomber and jew massacre. Most know me as the boabeide.

Kant's 'argument from geometry' is usually interpreted to be a regressive transcendental argument in support of the claim that we have a pure intuition of space. In this paper I defend an alternative interpretation of this argument according to which it is rather a progressive synthetic argument meant to identify and establish the essential role of pure spatial intuition in geometric cognition. In the course of reinterpreting the 'argument from geometry' I reassess the arguments of the Aesthetic and illustrate the origin of Kant's view of the role of pure intuition in geometry.

don't fuck with me.

Hannah said...

That painting is indeed bizarre. The man doesn't seem very interested in the stripping woman either. He's very nonchalant about it; more interested in his cigarettes. I am reading your blog when I can, but sometimes it won't load. Hopefully this comment will traverse the internet in the ten minutes I have left!