Thursday, June 21, 2007

Travel Dialogues 1

We know it's not linear. I, however, wish that it was always some painted line, from here to there, something simple, to get our berings. I can't spell check because in Germany alles auf Deutsch ist. Just an aside, for those who would make some sort of big deal out of it, maybe it is all spelled correctly anyway. So, hello, my media, my eternal life; never forgotten on the intra-net, just one document among others. We should ourselves feel lucky, because we can never truly die, we are promised a forever life, because we write, and the intra-net loves our writing. But I'm too drunk to continue this, really I'm just hoping for some pot...


Mazur said...

Blogging from Germany. How very worldy of you. Way to abandon your motherland on her birthday.

Wanted to let you know that I posted that interview with you on our site today.

Godspeed in Europe.

Anonymous said...

get lit nigga....stop trying to sound so sophistacted. Money is the obvious means to brag with such a flagrant vocabulary and silly worldy subject matters. your a peasant like me, a nigger, destined for nigger fucking things.

REALITY something you can't learn in a motha fucking book

don't die

Boa Bei de

radialrelish said...

OK, I didn't abandon the motherland on her birthday, in fact I decided to celebrate it the only way a real american can--I invaded.

AND, you ain't no nigga Boa, you white.